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Hints on how to generate descriptive essay ideas

There are so many students who dislike the idea of writing college papers. Some even freak out when they are told to write about a subject that they have never heard before.  In this text, I explore some of the ways through which a student can come up with ideas that will enable them to write a wonderful descriptive essay. Ensure that you go through them as well as apply them in your writing to successfully produce a great essay.


Be creative


Writing a descriptive essay will require you to be very creative in your thinking and the way you choose what to explain. First of all, understand that the key objective of writing this type of an essay is to evaluate your ability to carefully and expertly express what you’ve seen, heard or read about. Therefore, in your narration, you need to be able to talk about a feature, occurrence, people, creatures or situations in a way that will want your readers to want to keep reading your work.

Take about 5 minutes to brainstorm

Before you begin jotting down anything, take some time to brainstorm on the subject that you’ve been given.  Assume that you’ve told to write a descriptive essay about River Nile or the Black Sea.  Let your brainstorming be about writing down some few things that you know about the Nile River or the Black Sea. In case you don’t know anything about the subject, brainstorming will help you generate ideas on how you will conduct your research.  Just think about the topic and what you will want to tell your audience about it. Avoid thinking as you write because the details may fail to come out vividly. Take some time to think and write down sound points.

Use your five senses

When you use the five common senses, you easily connect with your readers. The use of senses will give the readers the true picture of the situation, person or scene that you’re trying to describe about. Ensure that you engage your readers in your work by describing how you felt about the occurrences, beauty or the conditions. Say what you feel about what you touched, seen, heard, etc.  Additionally, you can induce rhetorical questions in your writing to make the reader more engaged.

Choose proper words for your narrations

Always ensure that you choose words that reflect the person or the situation under description to avoid misleading your readers. You need to equip yourself with appropriate and advanced vocabularies to explain different emotions to enhance your essay imagery.

Use satisfactory descriptions

Make sure that you describe the occurrences, formation, processes, etc clearly so that your readers do not find themselves with unanswered questions regarding your essay.

Use professional essay help

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The Best Way to Format Your Essay Assignments

An essay is viewed as a written discussion or argument that aims to put across information about a topic or issue. This type of academic piece is expected to be logical, clear and precise to ensure the reader understands the author’s point of view. Essay writing is not an essay task to accomplish, especially for students. Essays bring about a lot of challenges that students need to overcome to attain a good grade or achieve a sense of accomplishment. What you need to know before attempting your essay assignment is that it is comprised of three key parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

These three parts of your essay are spread out using the 5-paragraph format that helps you organize and write your essay. However, you should be flexible enough to maintain the basic essay format while still following the essay instructions. Here are the necessary parts of an essay that you ought to be familiar with:

  • Introduction

The introduction part of your essay is meant to guide the reader by introducing them to the main theme. The introduction should be effective in capturing the reader's attention and also provide a brief description of what to expect in later paragraphs of your essay. Moreover, it should present a lead-in for the thesis statement.

  • Thesis statement

The thesis statement can be used to clearly state the main argument in the essay, identify essay limits and also indicate the structure of the essay. The thesis statement is meant to be the roadmap to the entire essay clearly showing the readers your main points and how you will support them.

  • Body

The body of your essays provides you with an avenue to analyze, describe and discuss your ideas and opinions. Each of your main points is presented within its own paragraphs and supporting information is included. The body of your essay should be comprehensive enough to cover all your main aspects and provide your own perspective on the theme of your essay. 

  • Transitions

Tour essay should flow from one paragraph to the next, the best way to achieve this is to use transitions. Transitions are applied both within and after paragraphs to ensure the flow of ideas is continuous and not awkward. Transitions can be a few words of a complete sentence that serves the purpose of linking two paragraphs o the main theme of the essay ensuring the undeterred flow of ideas.

  • Conclusions

The conclusion or summary is used to combine all the main ideas discussed in the body of your essay referring to the thesis statement; thus, providing the reader with a final thought. When summarizing your essay, you must also address its implications and provide your stand. In addition, your conclusion should not include new ideas that were not originally part of the essay.

  • Citations and references

For any paper that involves elements of research, you are expected to offer the authors of these sources of information the credit they deserve for adding value to your essay. You can format your citations with regard to the select writing style, be it APA, Chicago, MLA or Harvard.

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How to acquire research for your research paper online

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